Magnetic Proximity Sensor ABSO PX® ABSO PX, NSD True Heavy Duty Magnetic Proximity Sensor was developed on use in harsh, high temperature, high vibration, water condition, and outdoor environment.


True Heavy Duty

Its outstanding durability is achieved by a creative construction of design which eliminates any physical contacts, satisfies zero electronics, and any glass bulb inside sensor within a heavy duty stainless housing.

  • Maximum heat-resistance:130℃(Special 180℃ spec available)
  • Protection rating:IP67
  • Vibration resistance:2×102m/S2(20G)
  • Shock resistance:4.9×103m/S2(500G)

Contact NSD more details.

Eazy monitoring

Proximity is visibility with measuring the voltage through the terminal on the panel. LED indicates „Sensor ON/OFF” and „Sensor disconnection error”.

Extension cable up to 500m

Compact size converter with 2 sensor channels

Simple wire connections

System Configuration

Fig:ABSO PX® System Configuration